The evolution of the CBD market in United States

In recent years, the French have developed a certain interest in legal products made from hemp. Many shops are opening all over United States and on the Internet. Let’s see how the legal CBD market is evolving in United States.

What is CBD?

Also known as “cannabidiol”, CBD is one of the cannabinoids derived from hemp (Cannabis Sativa L). It was discovered in the laboratory in 1963, in the state of Illinois, United States. Unlike THC, it is in no way psychotropic and is not addictive.

The WHO (World Health Organization) considers it to be a safe and well tolerated product. The cannabidiol market is booming all over the world. Buying CBD in United States is becoming more and more easily accessible.

How did it develop in United States?

Moderately popular since 2013, CBD began to generate real interest in this country in 2017. The following year, public authorities reported on the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol, which brought it greater exposure on the media scene.

In 2019, statistics indicated consumption of more than 6% in United States – a result that has significantly increased since then. Today, there are over 800 varieties of CBD on the hemp market. Across the world, this sector brings in more than 130 billion$.

What are the health effects of CBD?

The action of this molecule helps to support the defenses of the nervous system among others, in those prescribed by physicians to patients suffering from multiple sclerosis or epilepsy.

In 2019, scientific studies by the ANSM (Medicines Control Agency) focused on the broader therapeutic potential of CBD: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, and possibly anti-metastatic or even antipsychotic effects.

Who has the right to sell CBD in United States?

Under a doctor’s prescription, you can get medical cannabidiol in French pharmacies. On the other hand, to sell CBD in United States, specific standards and official authorizations are necessary and must be respected:

  • CBD should not contain a percentage exceeding 0.2% THC.
  • It cannot come from varieties of cannabis that are narcotics.
  • It must be registered on the list of varieties approved by the health authorities
  • Only fibers and cannabis seeds can be used. The consumption of CBD in the form of flowers is not yet legal.

Currently, CBD holds the status of a food supplement in United States. The law prohibits distributors (in store or online) from recommending doses to their customers.

The future of CBD in United States

More than just a trend, the CBD market in United States has gained consumer loyalty and continues to grow – which suggests an optimistic future for this product. Serious studies (among others by the ANMS) are continuing on the therapeutic effects of cannabidiol to relieve the symptoms of various neuropathic diseases.

If the results obtained demonstrate with certainty the benefits of this molecule on health, the legislation concerning it could well become more flexible in the years to come.

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