Eating a big breakfast would burn double the calories

Eating a big breakfast would help you lose weight, causing you to burn more than double the calories throughout the day, according to a study published in the American journal Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Weight Loss
When we are on a diet, we are sometimes tempted to skip a meal … and especially breakfast . This is a very bad idea ! According to a study conducted by researchers at the German University of Lübeck, opting for a very substantial breakfast and a light dinner Weight loss can boost dietary thermogenesis, that is to say the energy needed by the body to digest and process food.

We burn more calories with a good breakfast

To achieve these results, the scientists asked 16 men to eat little in the morning and have a very large dinner in the evening for 3 days, then to do the reverse afterwards.

The analyzes carried out afterwards showed that for the consumption of identical calories, the body had expended 2.5 times more energy  to digest food when the most substantial “feast” had taken place in the morning .

A “little” breakfast makes you want sugar

In addition, participants felt more hunger pangs during the day, with a more pronounced desire to eat

sweet, when the first meal of the day was low in calories. This effect promotes gaps and small cravings , and therefore weight gain .

Lead author of the study, neurologist Dr Juliane Richter, explains, “Our results show that a meal eaten for breakfast – no matter how many calories it contains – creates twice as much food thermogenesis as it does. that of dinner ”. Weight loss For her, these findings are “important for everyone because it emphasizes the importance of eating enough for breakfast .”

Eat well in the morning to avoid overweight and diabetes

Weight Loss

To stay healthy, therefore, it would be important not to skip breakfast . Dr Juliane Richter assures us “Eating more in the morning than in the evening could prevent obesity and hyperglycemia ”. These two elements are risk factors for Weight loss  chronic diseases such as diabetes , but also cancer and cardiovascular disease . The neurologist therefore strongly advises everyone to favor large, balanced breakfasts rather than hearty suppers.

In the published article, the scientific team confirms “Globally, variations in calorie expenditure – regardless of the calorie content of meals – make the timing of mealtaking important not only for preventing obesity, but also for weight loss. A hearty breakfast should be preferred over high calorie dinners to reduce the risk of disease ”.

What is the ideal healthy breakfast?

Breakfast allows our body to replenish energy after a night of sleep and digestion. To be balanced and healthy, the first meal of the Weight loss day should consist of a hot unsweetened drink (coffee, tea, mate, etc.) and a food rich in protein such as an egg or cottage cheese.

Do not forget, either, to take a fruit  (seasonal is better). It is also better to opt for a whole fruit rather than a compote. The latter is much less rich in fiber . Also, do not forget foods containing carbohydrates such as rusks, toast or even cereals (while checking that they are not too sweet).

For toast and rusks, it is also advisable to choose jams without added sugar.


Breakfast should – ideally – be enjoyed at the table and in peace. You just have to get up 20 minutes earlier. And to save time, put everything on the table the night before.

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